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Get Ready for the Second Half

    After an extended lay-off, Blue Jays Way is back in full force for the second half. Due to personal reasons I had to take some time off from writing this blog, but I am back now and I am committed to making this the best Blue Jays blog on MLB.com. Get ready for more Highlights, more Interviews and more opinion pieces. To all the Jay’s fans out there, say it with me "LETS GO JAYS!!!!"


Puzzling Situation


Now normally, I am not one to criticize John Gibbons and how he runs his team. Lets be honest, I’m not a MLB manager so I don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes, but I saw something last night that really made me wonder. With 2 outs in the 9th inning and just 1 out away114744_90x135_2 from his 3rd complete game in 4 starts, Roy Halladay gave up a base hit, that could have easily been the 3rd out had John McDonald been positioned in a different place. After giving up the hit, to mine and apparently the 34,000 in attendance at the Roger’s Center surprise, John Gibbons opted to bring in B.J. Ryan for the save. Now, I understand this move had it been a Josh Towers on the mound or maybe a Gustavo Chacin, but come on…… this is Roy Halladay were talking about here. I don’t really care how many millions of dollars that B.J. Ryan gets paid to save games, Halladay is and has been the ace of this staff long before Mr. Ted Rogers decided to reach into his pocket book for some more talent. Halladay was a 20 game winner and Cy-Young Award winner when this team was frozen at a $45.0m payroll and I think THAT deserves some thought before quickly going to our bullpen an out before a complete game to scratch the back of an overpaid closer.

New Features Added!!!!

    I have been working on adding some new things to my blog, and now I can share that with you. In each of my Post-Game reports you will be able to see the highlights from the game. Also, at the end of each week I will select a Jays player of the week and you will be able to see all their highlights from the week. Finally, I will be selecting Minor League Player of the Week awards to allow you to see how the Jay’s are doing in the lower-rungs of baseball. You can see that some of my previous posts now have video highlights.



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